Accessories and Gifts

Accessories and Gifts

We have increased out line of gifts and accessories. We now have Captain Rodney's Sauces, handmade bags, tees and gifts; many from our own local community.

Captain Rodney's Sauces

Boucan Glaze
Boucan glaze 69-200

Jezebel Sauce
Jezebel sauce 200

Hot Pepper Jelly
hot pepper jelly

Peach Barbeque Sauce
peach barbque sauce

Kindred Spirit Styles

backpack kindred spirit

Made in Oakland Tn

Eight Backpack Views

Kindred Spirit views 1-4

Kindred Spirit views 5-8

MC Handbags & Big Buddha Bags

chain wristlet clutch bag

chain wristlet clutch bags2

MC Hand bags

Big Buddah bag

Great Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry 1

Jewelry 2

Blackberry Bottom Crosses and Frames

crosses 300

crosses and frames 300


March accessories